Access to Work - Help for people with disabilities who are currently working, starting a job or self-employed. - Support for the disabled. Web page by Frank Gilbert

Access to Work is a  UK government scheme that can help you if your health or disability (including dyslexia) affects the way you do your job. It can offer you and your employer advice and support with extra costs which may arise because of your needs. It is also available to the self-employed.

This is not the official Access to Work website, which can be found here.

Easy to check your eligibility

You can check if you are eligible to apply for support or just call Access to Work by clicking on the link above.

My experience is that they are generally helpful and make it easy to check your eligibility to apply. If you are eligible, after a few questions, they will often send you the application form which will already contain the information you gave them over the phone. In many cases, all you will need to do is check it, sign it and send it back.

This is not the official Access to Work website.

Who Am I? 

My name is Frank Gilbert. I created this web page to help people to find Access to Work (see above), who may have assumed that it would be at this web address. The number of hits this little quick-and-dirty web page gets shows me that it was worth doing.

I am a Workplace Disability Assessor, trainer and adviser. I conduct assessments for specific learning difficulties (e.g. dyslexia), visual impairments, hearing impairments, dexterity issues (e.g. arthritis, RSI etc) and other physical disabilities (e.g. MS, cerebral palsy, strokes, etc), train assessors, deliver webinars and advise employers.

I am sorry but as I have been swamped with junk emails, I am no longer accepting email via this web page.  If you need work-related support for your disability, please contact Access to Work at the link above.

If you are an organisation that needs my expertise, please see my LinkedIn page.

This is not the official Access to Work website.